We are excited to announce our Super Teak plantation project, which aims to plant 14 million trees (equivalent) in the first year. We made this project possible through the sale of tree tokens, where each token sold represents the planting of six Super Teak trees in our sustainable plantation. The Super Teak that we have developed grows 2.5 times faster than normal Teak and possesses exceptional qualities such as durability, pest resistance, and adaptability to different soil types. Our innovative approach to fundraising not only helps us achieve our goal of creating an eco-friendly plantation but also offers individuals an opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause. By purchasing a tree token, you can support our mission to combat deforestation, promote sustainable development, and contribute to a greener future for generations to come.


     Super Teak is a tissue culture grown in your laboratory. Tissue culture is a technique used to produce clones of plants from a small amount of plant tissue. It can be a useful way to produce large numbers of identical plants with desirable traits, such as the fast-growing and durable Super Teak variety.



    The advantage of using tissue culture to produce Super Teak is that it allows for precise control over the growing conditions, ensuring uniform growth and quality. It also enables the production of large numbers of seedlings, which is essential when undertaking a large-scale plantation project like yours.


Plantation Process

     The plantation team has planted over 800,000 teak trees in the past 30 years, with plans to plant 14 million super teak trees (equivalent) next year using funding via tree tokens. While this is an impressive achievement, planting and maintaining trees require significant planning and resources to ensure sustainability and avoid negative impacts on the environment and local communities.










     By producing Super Teak through tissue culture, you can ensure the quality and consistency of the trees planted in your plantation, which will ultimately benefit the environment and the communities that will benefit from the plantation's resources.

1) Regular Updates: we provide regular updates to investors on the progress of the project. This can include updates on the number of trees planted, the growth rate of the Super Teak trees, and any challenges that may arise.

2) Satellite Imagery: we would use satellite imagery to monitor the plantation's growth and progress. This will provide investors with visual evidence of the progress made and ensure transparency.

3) Independent Audit: we conduct an independent audit of the plantation to verify the number of trees planted and their growth rate. This will help provide investors with accurate information and ensure transparency.

4) Site Visits: investors can visit the plantation site to see the progress for them. This will help build trust between investors and the project team and provide investors with firsthand knowledge of the project's progress.

5) Online Dashboard: Plantation Company provides investors with real-time updates on the project's progress. This will allow investors to track the growth of their trees and ensure transparency.



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