Phoenix Biotechnology Group is a highly regarded and trustworthy company specializing in cutting-edge green technology with worldwide acclaim. As a company specializing in genetic engineering, we have a particular focus on the tissue culture technique. This advanced method significantly enhances the value of plant production by over 200% compared to traditional seed-based cultivation techniques.


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Biotechnology company registered in 1988 in Thailand (registration no. 4365/2531). We have an excellent track record of supplying good quality products and biotechnology consultation at national and international.

Scientific entrepreneurs established the company, but a combination of scientific staff and management professionals managed it. We have built its name with an excellent reputation and a reliable company.

We produce high-quality planting materials using tissue-cultured technology and supply them to growers in Thailand and abroad. We received a prestigious accreditation from the AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service), Australia. And, we were the first who produce teak tissue cultured materials at the commercial scale for growers internationally in 1992.

Development of gene marker

In collaboration with a National Biotechnology agency, we have developed a project to use reliable genetic markers to select new hybrids at a young age. The project title is "Cloning of gene fragments involving cellulose and lignin metabolic pathways and identifying their Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) in Tectona Grandis.” We completed the project in the lab. We are waiting for field data to correlate and analyze to identify gene markers.

Professional One-stop Services OEM/ODM
Cosmetic & Supplement Manufacturer

Cosmetic factory and supplements that leading brand owners trust We have both standard formulas and developing or carving product formulas. meets your needs Introducing and updating trends of extracts, new innovations that meet international standards can meet the needs of customers Want to have your own brand along with a team of branding consultants and a production team ready to give advice Meet all needs, create a brand for you to complete in one place.


Experienced in Shipping Materials Globally

Our Customers

     We commit the laboratory to providing cutting-edge tissue culture products to customers worldwide. Using their experience in this field, they have developed a robust shipping infrastructure that ensures the safe and timely delivery of tissue culture products to destinations worldwide. This allows researchers and organizations from diverse locations to access the high-quality tissue culture resources needed to advance their scientific goals. Whether it's for academic research, commercial applications, or biotechnology purposes, the laboratory's tissue culture products are in high demand globally, and they are proud to be able to facilitate scientific progress on a global scale.

Our Latest News

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